Welcome to nOMad !

A Note from our Founder, Phoebe

Welcome to nOMadI am so grateful to have you join us here. It has been quite an adventure these past couple of years. This all started with a dream after a challenging year in 2013. Life gave me many obstacles to get around, including the passing of my father and a divorce, but with a lot courage and trust in the universe, I saw the greater possibilities in a new life. 

I came up with the concept of nOMad during that time first, for myself and then, for all of us. If you are reading this now, you have passed through the metaphorical doors to a new way of living too. Congratulations!

Yoga, travel, and community are three things that have always put my life into a new perspective. I have created here new experiences to be both playful and mindful on and off the mat as you discover a new world within you.

Through self study on the mat we gain a greater consciousness and confidence in who we are as individuals. While traveling on adventures into the unknown around the world or attending a local community event, we discover how connected we really are. As a result, we find the joy in a new way of thinking, living, and seeing our world. With every step we take along our path, we live a life with more gratitude.

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Let your journey Om begin…

Phoebe Miller


The nOMad Mission

Explore. Create. Connect.

Our nOMad tribe is a collective global community of yogis, wellness practitioners, travelers, and wanderers of all kinds. Our mission is to share new experiences with you on and off the mat so that you can live your life with more joy, gratitude, confidence, and connection.

As you continue your journey here, you will have the opportunity to join our Online Studio where we offer yoga practices, tutorials, and talks about yoga, wellness, and travel. Or come explore the world with us on one of our nOMad Retreats. Check out our previous retreats and events at our Travel Journal that documents our latest adventures both around the world and within. Or maybe you want to dive deeper into the world of teaching yoga by stepping into one of our Teacher Training Programs. 

We are excited to have you join our tribe both on and off the mat. Please read on to find out what type of nOMad you are so can life a fuller life.
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Are you a nOMad?

Your pain comes from feeling limited and disconnected. You feel stuck in your thoughts, your job, your relationships, your daily routine, even in your dreams. Your body aches and your breath feels trapped In your chest at times. You have a hard time asking for what you want from others and from yourself. Your choices are no longer choices because they all lead to the same place. You have a tendency to fall into depression or anxiety when you feel restricted or alone.

Then you get on your mat. You rediscover your body; your physical pain eases, you begin to breathe more fully, you think more clearly, your mood begins to shift. You start to see your relationships within yourself and with others deepen and you feel reconnected. You gain more confidence in the choices you make. You are more outgoing again with old friends and in making new ones. You are able to see the bigger picture outside of yourself, you want to explore the world again, you have the courage to go to another part o the world and discover something new. Your dreams become more vivid and feel incredibly possible. You seek out new opportunities, knowledge, foods and friendships. You are thrilled to try new experiences and take your practice of life off the mat. The more you explore, the more joy you feel because you are more connected to both your core being and this vast universe. You begin again to feel limitless in yourself and all the possibilities the universe has to offer you.

What type of nOMad are you?

Wandering nOMad: Want to travel and explore the world within you but not the hassle of planning it yourself? Do you want to meet new friends and share new experiences while deepening your practice? Attend a nOMad retreat at one of our nOMad featured properties with one of our experienced nOMad teachers.

Social nOMad: Are you the life of the party? Do you want to travel with your friends and share your love of yoga and wellness with them? Have nOMad organize a retreat specially for you and your group at one of the nOMad featured properties. nOMad will work with you to make your personal retreat a dream come true.

hOMeward bound nOMad: Can’t get get away to your dream destination or so busy you can’t make it to your local yoga studio ? Let nOMad come to you to help you improve your home practice while getting a short escape to paradise too with practices and tutorials at our Online Studio!

Hudson Valley nOMad: Live in the Hudson Valley and wan too connect with your beautiful area and your community? Join nOMad throughout the year at special classes and events that bring together nature, yoga, community, and culture.

Teaching nOMad: Are you ready to take your yoga practice to deeper places and share your findings with beth rest of the world? Become a nOMad teacher, by registering for our 200/300 hour Teacher Training programs.

Where nOMad is going next…

nOMad is just beginning its mission! As we grow our nOMad community, we will offer more of everything; online practices, retreats, and local Hudson Valley events. Will we give you suggestions on ‘What to Pack’ for your next adventure, and much more in the works that we can’t share yet! Stay connected by joining the nOMad mailing list so you don’t miss out when the new experiences happen.

Send us your feedback! Where do you want nOMad to take you on your next journey?

I had a very peaceful experience in Mexico. One of the best things I have done for myself. Phoebe is probably the only one yoga teacher I could take two classes a day with. The location was beautiful, the food was awesome, and the company was even better. If you have the opportunity to take a trip with Phoebe you would be sure to have a wonderful time.

Karen Glusker

This past yoga retreat to Yelapa was an out-of-this-world experience. I loved the theme of the retreat, “Simplify your Life,” and the short readings that Phoebe chose for each yoga session reinforced our intent. Between the yoga, exploring this beautiful paradise, hanging out with new friends, there was still plenty of time to reflect and distill the important from the superfluous.

Bibi Hahn